Thursday, 15 March 2012


18+ are a boy girl duo making really out there, minimal slow-low RnB techno jams in secret hidden from the world unleashed in sexual mystery upon a hungry internet world. 
  • Like a clear unfuzzed version of Salem where you can hear the words and they're pretty sick. 
  • A band all visual and dropped out, beats hardly making it along, raps at 60 frames per second, low slow and 90s, synth stabs echoing through large empty spaces.
  • Porno pop fuck tunes for people who cant get off the couch but are still way cooler than the people wigging out on the dance floor a few feet away. 
One of their tunes was featured as the soundtrack to the Fall/Winter Prada collection last year. The most recent video continues with the avatar based video format Hulaing into your brain but with a beat way more uptempo and more minimal house feeling. 
Facebook here. YouTube here. There are no releases, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Myspace or otherwise. Special.

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