Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Croydon is a DJ and producer and dusbstep snob, Earmilk content creator, Witch House supporter and all that kind of thing. This Bandcamp mix is a heady Witchian drag and scrape thing go obsorb it.

Croydon - The R∆ven 
Tragic Error - Tanzen (Confederate Swag and Croydon Remix) 
Croydon - Ouija Croydon and Madden Featuring D∆ims - Sun Prison 
Croydon and BL▲CK † CEILING - V∆∆D∆∆ 
Croydon and SILΔSISDE▲D - BL∆CKH∆RT 
Croydon - Ouroboros 
Croydon - WøLVES 
Croydon and Velanova - Concer†ino of †he Wre†ched

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