Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Virgin Blood

Portlands Virgin Blood makes epic blissed out ambient dream pop, the sort of thing much vaunted on the Sewer Greats, no dancing here but definitely some drifting through glittering Unicorn Drone landscapes, shimmering waterfall rich cloud banks of eternal delight. Orchestral dream world music for late nights and early morning collapsed on the mossy banks of diamond streams slowly coming round as the angels lift off your body and flap off into the dawn skies. Virgin Bloods Soundcloud has loads of free downloads so go check it.

Virgin Blood has also collaborated with Ormus to create an album called Gold which is an even more dream like ambient piece, released last November it's available from Bandcamp for "name your price" and its well worth a penny or two as it lulls you into its  sumptuous blissed out fog of light and wonder.

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