Thursday, 11 April 2013

Crim3s - Stay Ugly EP

The new Crim3s EP has dropped!! A blurred out, blistering slow grinding rumble through fogs of screams and overdriven distortion, crunching beats all full throttle and in the red, a tsunami of increasing noise and slow rage. No low slow chill here, this is raging black outs of crunching rave noise. 

The first two tracks "lost" and "pansy" are like noise versions of James Blake is the point was to deafen rather than softly seduce. Track three "Dose" is a tempo changing raving riff driven upbeat ranter and the EP's title track Stay Ugly is by far the best of the lot, the single if there was to be one, but still it's an "all in the red" distorted noisy blast of raw feeling. Killer. The final track "stress" is an insistent jittery, upbeat, air punching hard as ever killer to end the EP and it doesn't disappoint although it may give you palpatations. 

You can download the EP for £5 or buy the vinyl 7" for a mere £7.99, all from their Bandcamp. 10 out of 10.

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