Thursday, 11 April 2013

Apollo Vermouth -Sacred Flowers

"Midsummer -- 
I walk about with my staff. 
Old farmers spot me 
And call me over for a drink. 
We sit in the fields using leaves for plates. 
Pleasantly drunk and so happy I drift off peacefully 
Sprawled out on a paddy bank.

How can I possibly sleep 
This moonlit evening? 
Come, my friends, 
Let’s sing and dance 
All night long. 

Stretched out, 
Under the vast sky: 
Splendid dreams 
Beneath the cherry blossoms. 

Wild roses, 
Plucked from fields
Full of croaking frogs: 
Float them in your wine 
And enjoy every minute!"

Download Sacred Flowers by Apollo Vermouth for free from Bandcamp.

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