Friday, 5 April 2013

Three great Friday tracks...

Three great new tracks that unfortunetly cant be downloaded but are worth sharing none the less. First up is "The Woods" from Brighton gothic melancholy spinners FVNERALS. A grim dirge of sweet darkness for you Friday morning.

The second track is a heavy power electronic/death industrial track called "Crawling On Bruised Knees" by Pharmakon. Fucking relentless and insanely good. You might at first start thinking where is this going, you might think is this going to let up, but no this track spares no-one. Totally hypnotic and strangely catchy. Thank you Sacred Bones for releasing this.

Thirdly is a bouncing minimal track by Cold Colors & Xiu "Love Fades Away" from their upcoming four track EP, perfect for striking a pose to and looking moodily across the night time cityscape of your chosen city. 

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