Monday, 1 April 2013


Starting as a Moscow based Witch House band back in 2010 and quickly evolved beyond the genre Vagina Vangi have now taken a further step with two new more commercial and more epic sounding EPs and a new name of H▼▲▼RPS (or Haarps)

The first EP called "Mosses & Lichens" is a sprawling epic with 80s style crooning vocals, giant synths. It's a concious attempt to unite With House style drones and fuzz with stadium pop aesthetics. Its ambitious as a mother-fucker and is such a sudden divergence that its hard to tell if its genius or a near miss. It's almost cheesy at points but then it goes the other way so well all within the one song that you cant tell what's what.

Download it for only 2 Euros from Bandcamp here.

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