Friday, 31 December 2010

Turbo City presents Tupac Vs Salem mixtape!

I just got sent this mix called "Thug Night" from Turbo City a music arts and fashion site. It's Salem Vs 2Pac! "A mix of SALEM production with 2Pac rhymes!" How cool is that!! You know how like Tupac Shakur is dead dont you, he isnt really still in hiding and he isnt ever coming back..? (He'd be 40 this year!) Well what other band around right now could possibly have any chance of raising him from the grave.. Salem of course! So this is the best of possible combinations right now, props to Turbo City for putting this together! Its 12 tracks of awesomeness, the sound literally of Tupac rapping from beyond the grave, you can hear the ghosts and spirits howling in the background amidst the droning synths and dragged down tuned chorals, tin drum machines and rumblings.
Hearing Ghetto Gospel over some kind of mash up of version of King Night and Frost is just awesome! Also like this is not just a straight forward Tupac vocals over Salem tracks mash up, all the Salem tracks have been really remixed, sampled and totally screwed so its a really creative endeavour!

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  1. oh also I cant seem to see it up on the Turbo City site yet but if they send it to me you just know i'm gonna blog it straight up!
    So this is kinda leaked.. lol!