Thursday, 2 December 2010

Asian Women On The Telephone

Asian Women On The Telephone are a brilliant Moscow based psychedelic art-punk noise band that I've been meaning to write about for ages but then I lost the edge on the situation and Meatbreak wrote them up over on the NFR blog.

They remind a little of Brightons very own P For Persia but with Dada-ist approach and weird ass helmets!

Download a bunch of Asian Women On The Telephones tracks over on the Free Music Archive.


  1. Cool. Took me ages to write about them too, there's A LOT to get your head around isn't there? I can see the similarity with P for Persia in the way both of them a so belligerently at odds with anything put in front of them.

    I agree with Andrew too, if I never said it in my piece - it's a proper awesome name!