Saturday, 4 December 2010

:Kinema: free xmas single giveaway!

:Kinema: are on the cover of The Brighton Source magazine this month and they are also saying Merry Xmas to you all by giving away a free single 3 Wolf Moon a huge cold disco work-out of a track, minimal nervous guitar and great stabs of keys and a smooth dancey beat for sad dance floors, avoiding xmas and pulling in indie clubs.

What's great about the cover photo to the the left here is how Andy and Ross are all Xmased up with the holiday knitwear look while Dom (singer/front man/) seems to have refused to join in, instead looking his normal self.. well you cant let the ladies down!

Hit the download arrow on the Soundcloud player below to get your free Christmas giveaway.


  1. he's just taking his xmas jumper out of the box - look how excited he is.

  2. oh of course!! How unobservant am I, yeah he's so happy about it too!!