Friday, 17 December 2010

Das Racist - Sit Down, Man.

Just had a thought.. you guys must have already heard and downloaded the latest Das Racist release yeah? The brilliant compilation, mixtape.. (damn it it's an album and you know it!) called "Sit Down, Man." Its just brillaint and can be downloaded for $0.50 at their Bandcamp page.
Its a total remix mash up, truly inventive hip hop thing that has tons of top line/hella cool producers producing each track and everything is a brilliant remix/re-working! New fresh and wierd as hell!
Das Racist and Odd Future have got me back into hip hop after a six year hiatus!

Have a listen below:

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  1. I almost didn't listen because of that terrible Pizza Hut song they made. But I'm glad I did, these guys are awesome.