Sunday, 9 December 2012

VV Ξ H Λ V Ξ P Λ Я † Y @ H Λ U N † Ξ D P L Λ C Ξ S

BLACK RAINBOVV has been around since the beginning of Witch House way back when, coining a mysterious catchphrase of "VV Ξ H Λ V Ξ P Λ Я † Y @ H Λ U N † Ξ D P L Λ C Ξ S " But BLACK RAINBOVV has always been making a slowed down and sampled up goth rave sound all of his own, part RnB, part Disco, part end of the world. Totally brilliant unique and genius in its remixing. So finally there is a full collected version of his tracks all up on Bandcamp and they're free to download. 

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