Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Night headaches, glossy streets, glittering keys in spotlit motion, the moon like a boiling disco ball glowering out over a Miami backwater, driving till your teeth ache, sun in your eyes, no way back, echoing signals relayed across infinity, reverb rich and drenched in a universal beach vibe, planet to planet galaxy to galaxy, always the same, dancing under foreign skies on alien drugs, time and distance no longer relevant, beach parties in the outer rim of a distant spiral arm of the Andromeda galaxy, lost amongst the waves, calling out into the night, the sky shimmering with every possible party out there, rev the engine, smile, sit back watch the counter tick into the red, release and away, forever looping to another beach on another world, for ever.

A new find... Silenxthis artist hails from Portugal and makes 80s feeling chillwave Balaeric sounds all synthed up to the max. There are a whole heap of free downloads on his Soundcloud so you should go check it out.

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