Wednesday, 12 September 2012


This is just so good, I could through a whole load of meme like genres at you, with words like post, step, seapunk, URL, trance etc.. but it doesnt need it Blank Banshee's sound speaks for itself just listen, it's TOO good.

Hailing from London this is yet another recent UK find that gives super-future US sounds a real run for their money.

Download the album for "name your price" from the Post-Religeon Bandcamp now!
I just noticed that Post-Religion Bandcamp description is brilliant: 

"Get your bingo shoes on Post Religion has arrived on bandcamp. We are the sound of the fashion appocalypse, the end of the music business and the birth of the cultural iceage. where is the proof, who are we and what the hell happened last nght are just some of the questions that will be answerd in the coming months."  


  1. London? He's from Canada. Saint John, NB and transplanted to Vancouver.

  2. This is his real bandcamp: