Saturday, 21 January 2012

New Teams tracks!

Here's a few new and absolutely brilliant tracks by one of my hype bands of 2012 - Teams. the first is one done in collaboration with fellow Seapunk Indigo Bunting and its a free chill R&B masterpiece of dragged sex beats, lapping water and vintage glitter synths.

Sentimental feat. Indigo Bunting by Teams

The next track is a straight up funk grooved raver of a track called ღ ♋ ღ !!

ღ ♋ ღ by Teams

Lastly we have Teams remix of Picturplane's Boy Mod track, turning into an aquarium of seaside sparkle and cliff cave echo, jewel like waters slipping between your toes as your ears venture further into the cave of a track that it turns into. Go download them all fro free from Soundcloud.

Pictureplane - Body Mod (Teams Retouch) by Teams

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