Thursday, 26 January 2012

Aids-3D - North Face® Winter 2012 Mens SmartPhone Demo

Aids-3D have one of the all time best names ever and so it makes what ever they create always one notch above everyone else! They are an art duo as much as musicians by the way, any how here is their latest  mixtape offering entitled "North Face® Winter 2012 Mens SmartPhone Demo" Yes thats the name -expect sample heavy, glitch heavy, rave hard blam core weirdness! Free Soundcloud download.

North Face® Winter 2012 Mens SmartPhone Demo by aids-3d

As well as this mixtape they have also been busy-ish dropping some other stuff, remixes that go the opposite way from what Witch House was trying with Drag remixes -these sped up wonders bounce through you like week old bacon. Download for free from Soundcloud too!

Nightcore-Sexo, Sudor & Calor (eTip® edit) by aids-3d
Nightcore- Junto Al Amanecer (eTip® edit) by aids-3d

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