Saturday, 14 January 2012

Whip Angels - Sex Death Rebirth

The Whip Angels are the sonic extension of Sex Death Rebirth, an online art collection curated by Jenna Kraus. This collaboration strives to arouse and awaken, exploring both the esoteric and erotic. 

The Whip Angels are dark brooding sensual and sexual sounding, lo-fi atmospheric and esoteric experimentation, sometimes Doom sometimes buzzing electronic whispered vocals and distortion. Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen style Vs My Bloody Valentine or NIN.

 Sex Death Rebirth are kind of a sex cult if you will, their blurb reads: 

[SEX][DEATH][REBIRTH] calls for a sexual renaissance. The contrast between sexual and spiritual invokes a powerful reaction. The de-institutionalization of religion; the personalization of the divine; sexuality as a spiritual celebration; intimacy as a spiritual path; orgasm as a permanent state.Remember How You Came: Sex as your Personal Creation Mythology. SEX: to interact with bodies; to connect with souls; to experience THE ONE. DEATH: of the EGO-SELF, of the ILLUSION of OTHERNESS, of FEAR REBIRTH: LOVE, UNION, CREATION, BEYOND... Memento Mori (Remember that you will die)

You can download some tracks from Soundcloud.

Confessions of a Supersensual Man by WhipAngels
Hermes by WhipAngels
Thunder, Perfect Mind by WhipAngels

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