Friday, 20 January 2012

Tennis Rodman- Death Of Slime mixtape

We only have a short time left, there isnt time to wash let alone listen to a whole mixtape, all over the internet stars are going out, lights dim, teeth rot, the make or break of the internet age is all around us, no-one has music genres dictated by a cohesive sound anymore, styles and visual sharing, mood boards of people create a scene, what does Seapunk sound like? It doesnt it "looks like" what is Slime punk its garbage pail kids gunging each other while listening to juke and eating pizza, high in their parents basement, sharing green slime pics via Tumblr and Twitter (long may they rest in peace.)

Seapunk is the thematic child of Nu Rave which was the child of Electroclash, Slimepunk is a daydream during winter, tentatively poking at the corpse of the internet hoping for the buds of spring, hoping there isn't a knock at the door.

Tennis Rodman is one such, making sounds, making a 15 minute Slimepunk mixtape 'cos we don't have time to listen to an hour, 'cos all the things that made 2011 culture so inclusive, so high to low, reference culture bouncing through cycles so quick they cant be commercialized, the new punk, Tumblr is Sid, Twitter is Nancy, all those things could be gone, sucked away so you can watch Hollywood movies the way they want you to. 

Download now.

Death Of Slime // 私の脳食べる [I ATE MY OWN BRAINZ] by ✞ENNI$R✡DM∆N

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