Wednesday, 25 January 2012

VULGARI 28 † 01 † 2012 † glória

If you live in Brazil, specifically São Paulo, then you should go to this club night on Saturday at Club Glory! Its a DIY Tumblr party called Vulgari III.

This is not another one of those parties thematic but an opening intergalactic aesthetic: absurdly rapturous pop, ponies, Barbies 3d, Warhol, Nicki Minaj, glitter, fetish, SlimePunk, popart, Bukkake, Anime, unicorns, colored hair, twin dreams, lipstick fluorescent, witchcraft, spank gifs, shells, marine animals, post-religion, platforms, Kawai Hawaii and more. Dressing up, projections and deliciously picked pop dj sets! Be there!
Facebook event here.

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