Thursday, 21 July 2011

Post modem sounds of Regal Safari.

I think I met one of Regal Safari a while back while djing somewhere in Brighton, he told me the name of the band and I Googled it there and then and then forgot to follow it up, here I am today its raining hard and the strains of their three tracks online are weaving their mellow summer haze through my ear canal, soft minimal and warm, housey and chillwavey but different and clean like waking up outside with the dawn sky above you and the clouds streaming by white and wet, as wet as the dew laden grass you are sat on, your brain feels quiet, still and orgasmic, oxygen pumping through your blood, the landscape arrayed in front of you in timelapse, beating to the sound of your heart, the feel of damp cloth, swollen tongue, dry eyes, wet hair, the wind.
Go download all three tracks from their Bandcamp profile and go outside...

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