Saturday, 30 July 2011

Halls - Solace.

This is special, Halls is a South London based musician who makes some of the most beautiful and glacial ambient tracks out there, slow low post-post-dubstep that washes over you like ice creeping across the face of snowball earth. As if in the faint far crystal distance some one is playing Neon Indian or Blackbird Blackbird on a battered radio and the mountains in between are bouncing and dragging, echoing and washing the sound with sonic bleach. Strange half caught vocal rumours, snowdrift rumbles and late night headphone walks, mournful echoes of long lost songs caught in the up draft from towns far below and swept into the stratosphere to be played with by the only things floating up there with them; tiny silvery spiders. BEAUTIFUL. Go buy the self titled EP for £1 here. And the single Solace for £2 here. Worth every penny.

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