Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bitch House go real world!

I wrote about this band last August and back then they were kind of a joke project but now Bitch House have gone and got a Facebook page, a Soundcloud and Bandcamp page and have sort of become real! These guys are from the Ukraine and their sound has become an experimental mix of electronic noise, Witch House, Drag and remixed pop. Its good, as good as any of their contemporaries they were originally joking around. I like it a lot! Their album "Hurry Up And Die" is an 11 track wonder, where one minute you are listening to a 39 second ambient drag track, the next its an industrial art piece that jerks along for 8 mins 10. The album is free to download from Bandcamp here.

Also as well as the Hurry Up and Die album there is a great new track to grab from Soundcloud "called Eins, zwei, polizei (mo-do remix)" its an electro stormer of a track that just needs to be played loud as. Go download it now and dj it tonight!

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