Thursday, 14 July 2011

Crack Is Cheap Crack Is Whack..

Just saw the most hilarious thing outa my window, two girls walk along the empty street with a dog, one is crying, the other really drunk, something seems kinda wrong. A drunkish teenage guy encounters them going the other way and stops to ask if the crying girl is ok.. drunk girl slaps him and starts yelling at him saying "my girls just got a cut on her face but she's beautiful, beautiful!" then the dog attacks the guy, then drunk girl hits him again, then crying girl apologises for her, guy backs away and girls leave shouting at him with a barking dog.. he looks confused. From my window I say "Shit!" and he looks up and goes "Hey I know you?" and I just say "nah mate!" HILARIOUS!

The VHX Album: Crack is Cheap Crack is Whack (Reissue) by Micro Naps is available to download for free or at a price of your choosing at Bandcamp now, its a late night origin Drag album like all deep slow heavy sick and proto. Well worth investing in a download. The new Phantasma Disques Release "CDR" is also available but for $6.

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