Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cloud Seeding.

In keeping with the last post but with a more sinful blues and darkness tip is Cloud Seeding. Cloud Seeding is a music singles project by Brooklyn guitarist Kevin Serra. The first single features singer Marissa Nadler. It's dark and slow and a pine forest on fire at midnight type thing, stoner folk, red wine and daggers, satin sheets hung out to dry, distant mountain paths, kissing at dawn, waking up and eating meat, looking at the stars and swearing oaths to eternity, grinding your fingers on well worn guitar strings, blood and rose petals, the 60's from the bottle of a glass, romance and shotguns, the devil at your door, black bubbles in the air, crows on the washing line, raining sunday whispers and baby bats in a cardboard box. You know the sort of thing. Well have a listen.

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