Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Four of the best from the worldwide coven.

Witch House by any stretch of investigation has ballooned into a huge sprawl of artists creating all sorts of lo-fi, satanic-ish, down tempo electronica. A hell of a lot of it is pretty dire. Just a search of "similar" artists on Last.fm will bring up a muddied hell of 2nd gen slow doomy dance music that can feel hastily thrown together. Then there's Soundcloud which also throws up a plethora of abstract 2nd gen Witch House layered in symbol rich names. I felt it was time I shared a few of what I consider to be the jems amongst the slag heaps, the following four bands are new finds and are kick ass!

E▲RTHRISE is from Australia and is quite brilliant! Check out these two tracks! Everything is free to download from Soundcloud and also this is someone creating great imagery as well, check their Tumblr it slays!
†▲βU∩∩ℽ▲† is someone again making obscure hard to find music but with a twist and edge that makes it next level and not lost in Witchian pap. With Soundcloud tracks with labels like Blackened Witch house then you kinda get where this Mancunian artist is coming from, the electronic black metal side of things shines through delightfully and makes this just that bit better than competition. All everything on Soundcloud is free to download as well.

▼▼◯ ▛ ◣▷ T◯▼▛ (pronounced World Tour) has a sound similar to an artists like Blissed Out or Ritualz, that deep and doomy epic post trance sound, genre pinning him or herself as someone who makes "cloudy" music this is an artist from Brooklyn making huge sounding "death of a club" doom dj sounds. Again its all free to download from Soundcloud.

Lastly but not leastly is )╪(▲†▲Y▲O▲U▲†▲)╪( ..yep that's the name and you cant pronounce it, its definitely not "you 2". This is full on 2nd gen and its only info is its from Poland, this si obscure and deep but actually really good to listen to, there are only two tracks, Berlin and Owlin, and by heck I hope the second is in referenceto the "internet craze" of photographing yourself perched like an owl on top of weird places (next level planking) if ever a "craze" was Witch House then owling is it. Again like ▼▼◯ ▛ ◣▷ T◯▼▛ this has all the elements of epic doomy club music but its also spread in some great dubstep bass and beats, filthy as a witch's dark places and as huge and sprawling as the Jaskinia Wielka Śnieżna caves of mount Małołączniak. Epic and beautiful and succinct. Berlin is not for download from Soundcloud but Owlin is.


  1. what what? Owling? is that a real thing? That sounds amazing! I'm going to get in on that. That last name I read as Hate Youth. probaly totally wrong, but it;s what my eyes tell me.

    Decriptions sound good. I like the melding of witch house and black metal. More needs to be done on that to a fuller extent.

    Working my way through these now from the bottom up. Thumbs up to the unpronounceable dude.

  2. ah yeah maybe it is Hate youth!
    I just though I'd go through a few of those symbol filled random bands on last.fm and soundcloud worked out who i liked most..