Monday, 16 August 2010

Valis remix Age Of Consent -wonders are born!

Valis are in my opinion one of the best bands to not only to come out of Chicago but also the whole of the United States in the last few years, and they have have a new track out, well two actually!!
So after that giant bigging up they better deliver hadnt they.. well they do with the song The Cant, a crooning stomper, all funk bass, vocal samples, swirling synths and beats that could only make you dance like an overly aggressive Columbian drug lord.
They have also remixed Age Of Consents track The Beach to great effect turning it from an understated 80s, Top Of The Pops appearance, slow down track into a the ultimate frenetic synth funk dance floor piece, filled with tense jaw grinding moments! The catalyst for this remix was Valis checking out my last post about them and then discovering Age Of Consent who I'd written about the week before, they got in touch and magic happened! Go to the Valis Soundcloud page to download both tracks.

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  1. You love it when you get to play matchmaker! and why not, this track is pretty sweet.

    Why do you never post a blog about your Mishka blogs? You should say, "I have another post on Mishka about X" BLAM!

    What a gig this is!

    I've got some awesoem stuff coming for my blog -just wait! (well, you're going to have to wait, it isn't all doen yet) It's a bit of an OMBMBW II..but not.

    this was a bit of a random reply comment!