Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Blogging for the Mishka Bloglin.

In case you hadn't noticed I'm also blogging once a week for the New York streetwear brand and all round lover of great new music Mishka. Seriously as well as making some awesome clothes they're also really pushing some great new music, from the whole Witch House scene to the chillwave surfer garage of bands like Puro Instinct.

My column for them "Sounds From the Other Side" is out every Sunday on their blog (the Bloglin) and covers all the kind of stuff I blog about here but I make sure to write it in a bit more detail and don't rush it out as much as I can do here on the Fokkawolfe blog.

This is the link to all the posts I've done for them so far. Where I've written about The Present Moment, Butterclock, §, Drugs For Drunks, Teeth Of The Sea, Scout Klas and Maria Minerva.

(to get an idea of how great some of the Mishka t.shirts are click here!)

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