Sunday, 22 August 2010

Pyr▲mids of ▲▲ has a ▲ fetish.

Pyr▲mids of ▲▲ is an artist from Cananda who make music with a really nice orchestral sound, a bit like Sigur Rós doing a kind of ambient Witch beat shoe gaze. But with a name like that and song titles such as The Pyramids of Mulholland Drive, Witches and Bitches and The Pyramids of Titan its also got a bit of tongue in cheek irreverence about it.
I don't know whether I actually find these titles a bit annoying or not, because as I listen to Pyr▲mids of ▲▲ more I'm finding it sounds really good, why ruin it slightly with throw away names?

Anyway beyond having a triangle fetish Pyr▲mids of ▲▲ really does make great droning ambient atmospheres that drip with texture and interest. You can get all three of the EPs for free from from the following links:

The first demo called Tri▲ngulum which features 10 tracks.

The first EP called Pyr▲mids which has 4 tracks on it.

And finally the most recent EP called simply Sp▲cedout which is also 4 tracks long.


  1. thanks ill check this out. sp▲cedout has a cool vibe to it.

  2. Definitely checking them out. Thanks!

  3. nice stuff. like m83 meets my bloody valentine.