Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Miiillleeeyyy Ccyyyyrruussss........ dragged!

So with Witch House you get these Drag remixes where tracks are pretty much sloooooowed down loads, often its quite commercial stuff getting the illicit remix treatment -Mater Suspiria Vision do lots of these as well as a bunch of other people, its not exactly like its hard. Babe Rainbow just did a brilliant drag remix of Enigmas 'Return To Innocence' called Dragged 'To Innocence' which was on his blog for free, get it here.
But just recently there have been some tracks come out that have taken it to a whole new level, you may well know about the Justin Bieber track that comes in at roughly 35 minutes long! The Mishka Bloglin covered it and this trend just recently.
Well here's another awesome ultra dragged remix of none other than Miley (I'm Hannah Montana) Cyrus!! Its celestial and majestic and drifts in at just over 33 minutes long like a heavenly wave of sleep inducing ambient drone! Miley has never sounded so good!


  1. What about the Potemkin Village track?!!

    Billie Piper - Girlfriend (Potemkin Village Double Up - Prew GlitchHaus ReMix - GoatMeat Drag Drone Redux) or whatever it was called. I can;t actualyl remember and the title is too long to show up on!

  2. yeah I think that is the name but it was spelt with lots of symbols replacing letters.
    Thing is its great but not the same, its a long drag mix but not a SUPER long one!
    I'll do a Potemkin Village post soon, you cant really do one as its your band!

  3. Not a looooong sludged down drag you say? Give me 24 hours.

    Got another PV practice next Friday. The Song is coming along, even if Chris frowns on the 808 gunshots. He is right, to be fair.

  4. nothing better than 808 gunshots!