Wednesday, 11 August 2010

†‡† releases new track!!

†‡† are a Witch House band that come closest to living up to the "house" part of the genres title, not that it matters its not actually a sub genre of house music, but if it did then this track would hit closest to the mark, even with its slowed down 63 bpm groove.
Its the soundtrack to the roof collapsing in at Amnesia during the end of the world, the Mediterranean rising up to swallow Ibiza whole. Slow and rattling beats that pound inevitably onwards, the footsteps of a giant striding in the dark, accompanied by the menacing howl and scything synths chords screaching in the night!
†‡† is pronounced 'Rrritualzzz' and this new track is available to download from its Soundcloud page, but hurry because it wont be for ever!
†‡† - SIMONA 6.40 RMX by rrritualzzz

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