Monday, 23 August 2010

Blackbird Blackbird gets the ▲ fever.

Most exciting Twitter news for a while ever!

One of the most prolific Chillwave artist out there and also seemingly one of the nicest people Blackbird Blackbird collaborates with tons of other chillwave artists and is set to be big stuff one way or another. I follow him on Twitter where he usually links up to stuff he's just made or sent to blogs etc. This morning, blam! Look what he posts up! And then about half an hour later he deleted it, but it was too late, my Blackberry had already downloaded it onto the phone and I took a quick snap of it to prove it happened!
Now yes I know it says he will "never" but we all know that means he will or has already! Sweet! I will now spend the rest of my week (and here we are on Monday morning) searching for said project! It could be awesome!


  1. haha,nioce post. I saw that and assumed NEVER meant ALREADY DUSTED too. Read the triangle as a knowing wink didn't I.

  2. Did you also see my Sloath blog on Mishka?

  3. Did you do a blog post telling me about it?

    holy shit though - SLOATH! I am on it now.