Monday, 30 August 2010

Six of the best Chillwave bands in the Brighton Sauce magazine.

As The Brighton Sauce magazine only has a limited server, it only seems to archive the last few months of issues online. Thus my chillwave article is no longer available. I am remedying that with this post and a picture of the real world copy of the magazines article for you to click through and read. (Just click the picture to view big style!)

I managed to be the first person to write about Bye Bye Blackbird, now Blackbird Blackbird in a proper printed magazine and not just on a blog, I knew he was well worth including in any six of the best chillwave bands even though at the time he was almost unknown! (smiles smugly to himself!)

To be fair the inclusion of Best Coast was wrong in this list but I just wanted an excuse to put them in something..
I still stand by Pearl Harbour as being chillwave without the synths though!!

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