Monday, 9 August 2010

Madame O und Ihre Kopffilm Bande eat the psychedelic cabbage!

Madame O und Ihre Kopffilm Bande are a band "founded on 21st december 2012 as a result of eating too much LSD influenced Sauerkraut. Madame O who had a vision of living backwards into the future called her drummer Peter Paukenschlag in September 2034 to control the people of STEINZEIT.
Zeitgeist was crushing into this event of highest laserbeams letting in high intelligence of robotermania producing Sauerkraut. Henriette Krötenschwanzz saw that and spoke let there be light and there was light as god has told them.

A side project of by Cosmotropia de Xam and XH of Mater Susperia Vision they have a free digital 7" single out on the
Beko Digital single Label a three way split release between Modern Witch, Mater Susperia and Madame O und Ihre Kopffilm Bande. All those tracks by all three bands are great and well worth getting.

So for now enjoy the surrealist stylings of Madame O und Ihre Kopffilm Bande in the video by Cosmotropia de Xam for the song HEXKRAUT I.


  1. nicely nice! I really like that Beko box track. Was on the longlist for my mix. Did you see Guardian Music blog's shitty feature on Witch House? They linked to my thread on Drowned in Sound. Definitely should have written that more thoroughly if it's going to be the mainstreams only point of reference!!

  2. oh..nice new banner btw, love that font.

  3. yeah I saw that Guardian article, kind of good kind of all over the place..very mush like a quickly written blog! I should be writing for them if they wanna do pieces like that. Cool that they linked to your thread though!