Monday, 8 November 2010

Witch House glitter bombs ~Story Of Isaac, BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV and †‡†

Soundcloud is a veritable hive of symbol based bands, fans, remixers and djs! It's to Witch House what Myspace was for Emo! Oh and dont get me started on how Myspace have just gone and got it so wrong with their re-imagining of the site.. I see it going under within the year. If only they had gone in a Tumblr style direction instead of settling for"bad Wordpress blog" stylings! Any way thats for another post.
Today I want to share three bands and three songs that kick ass, slow and heavy, screwed and dragged, epic dance music for recession squatting, glitter sleeping bags under dripping roofs, broken mirrorballs sprouting mushrooms, dancing to the end of the world high on retro drugs. Only the paranoid look back to the past, future now Zombie Raves!

First up is Story Of Isaac who is making awesome tunes and whose Witch House mix has been getting so much traffic to this blog of late, I'm gonna call him a London Witch House phenomenon.
The track I've chosen is his zombie rave remix of Tatu's "All The things She Said" a song that was great originally but now sounds ten times better, like a doom trance epic voiced by a 80 year old soul singer, just so.. well just listen this shit it slays!

I'm also loving that artwork to the left that accompanies the release!
Click through to the Soundcloud page to download it for free!

The next band and track is by Witch House giant †‡† (also pronounced "ritualzzz") with a track in collaboration with How I Quit Crack called Eye. This is a slow apocalyptic dirge through a night landscape of bass bombings and R&B percussion samples with a vocal that soars like a acid dripping Condor, one part vocal to three parts reverb and delay. Its a proper little song too, verse chorus, that kind of thing! Dark and dirty beats and tonal chiming riffs and recorded by aiming a mike at the moon and playing out through festival size speakers!
This track was only a limited Soundcloud download release and reached its limit within hours of release so no download for this at the moment, but just take a listen!

Last but definitely not least is a song created not as collaboration but by one Witch House artist for another! A Witchian love-in!
Created by Belgiums BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV for the first artist in this article Story Of Isaac the song is a low slow dirty grind through dragged beats and vocals, its sex music for rotting dancefloors, beds filled with black glitter and dead animals, heavy petting between huffing glue.

Uploaded as by Toomi rather than BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV the track is called 6Ξ† NΛKΞD (! 60† Λ PLΛN VV!†H !SΛΛC) ~Get Naked (on a plain with Isaac)~

Download from Soundcloud and listen up below!


  1. Toomi is becoming my favoritst artist of the moment very quickly.

  2. thats britney spears - get naked ... amazing!

  3. Fully backin' your style of writing, & love love love the blog. Your enthusiasm is infectious, maing... (Howevs, just one little thing: I'm pretty sure Toömi's witchy-linguistics translates to "Get Naked (I Got A Plan With Isaac)" rather than "...(on a plain with Isaac)"

    I mean: I've been wrong before, but...well, YouGetIt/YouGetIt/YouGetIt

    Cheers, kind sir!