Friday, 26 November 2010

18 Carat Affair - chillwave before chillwave!

"18 Carat Affair has made improvised/layered music collages since 04' using influence, tape machines, guitars and synthesizers." Thus professes their Soundcloud page. 18 Carat Affair are a band from Kansas City, Missouri who have a sound that drifts from dream pop to garage rock to beat based synth operatics! A bit like Fiveng or Neon Indian.

There are a few free downloads on the Soundcloud page and a whole lot more to find via their Tumblr which serves as their main website. For example the Cassette Fantasy EP which is..
"A series of lush gritty songs mostly made with a Casio SK-200 sampler. All the songs were improvised through pessimism and recorded using a General Electric reel to reel using tape dating 11/5/63 (hiss)." Download it here.

There is a lot of material here, another good one to download is Spent Passions a compilation of over 30 tracks recorded from 2005-2009 and all improvised!
This is good stuff, chillwave before chillwave, bouncy, groovy and the stuff of drugged up days in bed, glittery and woozy like waking up and drinking Malibu and eating cake while still in bed.

You should definitely check out Pictures which is one of the tracks that you can download from their Souncloud page, it manages to be minimal as well as chillwavey, smooth beats and pulsing synths and blissed out vocals combining to create a lounge R&B sex song good enough to get down to anywhere anytime!

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