Friday, 19 November 2010

RΛINИIΛЯ - Heavy Witch House.

RΛINИIΛЯ only has a Soundcloud presence at the moment, so there isn't much info other than this project originates from Oakland in the U.S. This is droney atmospheric Witch House, drag remixes and moody presence. Like a storm cloud slowly breaking over a mountain and rumbling down into the valley below.
The first track I've featured here is filled with menacing atmospherics, great use of delay pedal and slow dragged beats that when they eventually come in sound like gunshots slowed down for a CSI style investigation.
The second track a re-edit of Lady Gaga's Alejandro is maybe the best Drag/Witch House remix I've heard of this track. The level of echo and delay in relation the how slow it is just works so good! Gaga vocals on Xenon gas (you know, it makes your voice super low -opposite of Helium!)

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