Sunday, 28 November 2010

Young Buffalo - Three Deep free single

Young Buffalo are really young three piece from Mississippi that sound like like early Kings Of Leon Vs some kind of Strokes-esque harmony led garage joy. At the moment it all seems nice and worth listening to, they're either set to be big in the most awful and boring way in 2011 or big in an underground more classy way, its all to early to tell! For now they're a band that seems to be getting a bunch write ups and features online. They have a free single "Three Deep" to give away via their Bandcamp page here.
Listen below:


  1. "they're either set to be big in the most awful and boring way in 2011 or big in an underground more classy way."

    what does this even mean?

  2. it means I'm not really sure if I like them and they sound pretty commercial, so either they will be big and shit or good and so probably not so successful.. ta da!

  3. these guys totally sound like Nu KOL---- LUV LUV LUV. i can't wait til they can grow chest and hair and be dooshes too hahaha lolol

  4. I'm confused. I thought blogs featured bands that they liked. If you aren't sure about them are you only posting them in case they become "good and underground" and you can claim you were a fan before they were known or so that in case they become "big and shit" you can say you liked them before everyone knew them but now you're over it?

    Can you not just formulate your own opinion about a band? Do you have to wait and see if other people like them and then decide that if other people like them they aren't worthy of your respect? Because obviously talented bands can't be famous.

  5. ... well yes "anonymous" you have some good points. But to make things clearer, this is the case of what happens when a very nice promotions company that has sent me some lovely free stuff in the past asks you to blog about a band they represent.. and out of politeness you decide to do so despite not really liking the band. So personally I feel this is quite a positive blog post cos otherwise I would never had written about them..
    But also sometimes its fun to slag off shit (which I didnt here) but you know there are so many awful bands being pushed that sometimes you have to be a hater.. see this post from ages ago where I hate on Neon Highwire and Fenech Soler: