Thursday, 25 November 2010

The 2010 Guide to Grave Wave!

Mishka have just done a huge special article on all the new wave of Goth that's taking over the musical underground. Its a huge "best of" covering over 100 new bands and artists that make up the whole Witch House, Ghetto Goth, Neo-Folk, Drag and Post Punk that's around! To sum up all these sounds they have dubbed it Grave Wave. The whole thing is awesome and to top it all they have released a three disc compilation of all these bands! Read it here!

AND its free to download from their site here:

"These 3 discs contain almost 3 hours worth of music featuring new and exclusive music, remixes and fan favorites from some of the most interesting and exciting bands making music today. 35 tracks total at just over 2.5 hours!"

A PDF of the entire Guide to Grave Wave article is included along with each disc.

Мишка Presents The Guide to Grave Wave [Disc 1]
1. These New Puritans - Orion
2. Dream Affair - Silent Story
3. His Electro Blue Voice 0 Black Veils
4. Screen Vinyl Image - Siberian Eclipse
5. Blessure Grave - Stranger In the House
6. Soft Metals - Hot on the Heels of Love
7. //TENSE// - Turn It Off (Valis Remix)
8. Funerals - Aitu (LQD Live Edit)
9. Pink Priest - Snake Flick Its Tongue
10. Scorpion Violente - Ray Ov Gold
11. Ðose - Spells

Мишка Presents The Guide to Grave Wave [Disc 2]
1. Hussle Club - Good Morning Midnight
2. White Car - Spread Spit Slap
3. These New Puritans - White Chords (Stalker Remix)
4. Night Gallery - Mary Bell
5. LAKE R▲DIO - Always
6. Gr†ll Gr†ll - They All
7. Passions - Endless
8. Warm Hands - Darker
9. Memory Tapes - Green Knight (Creep Remix)
10. GHXST - Holy Speed
11. M△S▴C△RA - krystalMETH/alanWATTS

Мишка Presents The Guide to Grave Wave [Disc 3]
1. Gatekeeper - Visions
2. Salem - Asia (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
3. Fostercare - Heat High (Refix)
4. Party Trash - Beast
5. Lust For Youth - On Your Knees
6. Cult of Youth - Lace Up Your Boots
7. GuMMy†Be▲R! - Gurl
8. Cccandy - Blood and Guts
9. Black Math - Bottomless Sea
10. †‡† (Ritualzzz) - Kvltstep
11. Dadfag - Twins
12. Mater Suspiria Vision - The Ring
13. Nowa Huta - Nowa Huta vs. Pink Priest (NOWAHUTARMX)

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