Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fiveng -dream pops new master of ceremonies!

Fiveng is one guy from San Fransisco creating dreamy, woozy pop that I don't want to say is Chillwave but it is. I don't want to label it as such because it's bigger than the genre (like Neon Indian for example.) This is going to be someone who deserves to be really big, though whether that will happen of not is another thing entirely. Pitchfork gave his first single 8/10 which is a good start!
Its a big Californian sound filled with warm glorious synth melodies and great harmonies. Vocals recorded from inside the perfect breaking wave, reverberating with mellow joy.
MGMTs Oracular Spectacular cover shoot taken to its logical conclusion.
Jesus and Mary Chain doing Beach Boys covers in 2012 from inside a tee pee!
Brilliantly original percussion running under sumptuous guitar tracks and babbling bird song.
His first single Give Me A Taste/Jonah is a double A side and deserves that over the top "double A side" label more than anything else I've heard in long time. How could you choose between these two songs! Released in August this year on the Beachtapes label it is also available to download for whatever price you want to give from his Bandcamp page.

Fivengs latest single Easy was released at the end of September and is a more than worthy follow up. The video below is for the b.side from it! Again you can download it for whatever price you want from his Bandcamp page.

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