Saturday, 20 November 2010

//Tense// - Turn It Off 7"

//Tense// are just brilliant and I've been championing them on this blog for a while now. I've only just just got their 7" single Turn It Off (released by Mishka) and it kicks ass so I thought I'd share my glee at receiving it!

The glorious red vinyl and red print label looks great but the best visual part of this package is the cover art! What could beat a 70s style leather daddy with handle bar moustache and a raw steak for a face! As soon as I find out who the artworks by I'll update this blog post!

The A side "Turn It Off" is a classic industrial sounding electro funk track, a bassline driving things along with a furry and aggressive sexuality. Get down and sweat to this like it's always and forever 2am in an underground fetish club and the owners just locked the doors!

The B side is an inspired cover of Fleetwood Macs "The Chain" that grinds along slow and brooding, sounding like P.I.L on Valium until it breaks into a great slow building dark dance tune that seems to turn the lyrics "If you don't love me now you'll never love me again" into the nastiest threat ever!
Also.. my name crops up in the "thank you" list on the back cover! AWESOME! Thanks guys!!

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