Sunday, 2 May 2010

VALIS =Awesome!

Valis come from Chicago and make damned heavy industrial electro, in the same vein as //Tense// all sweating muscle and black leather, 80s topgun sunglasses and dark thumping basslines. There's also a feeling of fellow Chicago resident Gatekeeper.
This sound threatens you like an American muscle car being driven by a sex crazed cop! Run for you life but run in time to the beat!
There is pretty much no info on this band, (even their myspace has only 16 friends) but they sound absolutely immense and if you live in Chicago or can get there then Valis are playing at Hot On The Heels Of Love on 4th May which is this tuesday! (just wish I could make it!)

This is just one of many brilliant bands around at the moment making industrial electro noises straight out of the Terminators TechNoir club.
If you can get to a beach this summer then you should be rocking the Chillwave but if you're stuck in an urban sprawl, if you're stuck in a landlocked city, if you only get up when its dark and that's just to get back on the dancefloor then you have to be hitting up the industrial sounds this year!!
Download 3 great VALIS tracks from soundcloud and listen below. Black Carbon by V A L I S
The Running ManbyV A L I S Exigesis by V A L I S

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