Monday, 10 May 2010

White Car and Clique Talk, EBM to Ballerica.

In Chicago literally just down the block from Gatekeeper and Valis (who I wrote about last week) live White Car, another EBM inspired two piece. Less poundingly forceful than Valis but just as intense White Car work their way into your brain like a teenage valium induced trance during an all night SNES marathon. White Car haven't forced you onto the dance floor but they have cornered you in the back room of the club and wont let you leave!

Their debut self titled 12" EP was out on the 16th February this year on Rainbow Body Records but was only pressed in an edition of 500 so hurry if you want one!

Below is a low quality fan vid of White Car live but its still worth it!

White Car from courtney Reagor on Vimeo.
It's also important you hear Clique Talk, a three piece which includes the two guys from Valis. Clique Talk follow a vaguely more electro avenue, Italiano Disco sounds and a more straight forward, discoed "get on the dancefloor and stare into the glitter heavens" kind of attitude. Again like Valis they have brilliant pop sensibilities, epic dancefloor noise!
Here are a couple of their tracks, there are six more to download for free from their Soundcloud page.
Mutant Woman by cliquetalk
Hell is Other People Single Mix by cliquetalk
So Chicago is a proper little hive of 80s synth based awesomeness at the moment. Keep an eye out for more bands bubbling up to its dark and oily surface!

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