Sunday, 23 May 2010

✝ NO VIRGIN ✝ and μnłıłĿΞΔ. Witch House post #3

Two great sounds for you here.
First is an artist called μnłıłĿΞΔ (I think thats pronounced "Untitled") This is some great unsigned unknown music from somewhere but we'll probably never know.
Its 90s dance music for fish people under the sea, rumbling synths like breaking waves high above, the speeded up vocals of tiny squid babies and slowed down hand claps of the mother octopus! μnłıłĿΞΔ's myspace is an empty one and as Soundcloud goes little info can be got from that. But this has all the hallmarks of Disaro or affiliates.
Download for free from the right hand side of each player (click on the downwards arrow!)
wtf? izzu? (ruff draft) by μnłıłĿΞΔ
destineee (ruff drft) by μnłıłĿΞΔ

The second is ✝ NO VIRGIN ✝. Supposedly from Inglewood, this has all the slow scary beats and haunted children's voices, shrieking synths howls and gunshot samples of a satanists crack den.

His "DOWNER EP" is available to download for free from his myspace or via this direct link:

Its all proper gothed up crack hip hop, with a truly dark and nasty Gucci Mane remix and a brilliant track called Pedal$ which features a child repetitively singing "Jesus loves me, loves me, He loves me"

Go grab it now!

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