Monday, 17 May 2010

Paralyse Humanity Sequence, plus who is Blissed Out?

Now I dont really know much about Blissed Out, its definitely not the Blissed Out who come from New York and are halfway chillwave and halfway drone noise. What I do know is that this Blissed Out are really great chillwave music and its free and you can get it a three track EP called "Pure" from their bandcamp here! (UPDATE: I think that their bandcamp page has been taken down. but see Lemonade Dance Party above for more info!)

Their myspace has no music on it anymore and only 3 real friends, Atlantic At Pacific, Me and cheesy LA rocker Vince Falzone!
I think this could be a side project of Atlantic At Pacific or Bye Bye Blackbird, (who originally recommended them) but why would either of those two bands would want to do a side project of very similar stuff?
The best guess is they are a new band waiting to find a better name, one that isnt already taken, but who knows and who cares so long as you can still listen to their wonderfully smacked out jams!

Coming from Chicago you expect some dark and dangerous EBM based electronica but Paralyse Humanity Sequence swim in the blue sea of chillwave!
The project of one guy, Nick Donlin, who describes his music as the dramatic background music of the O.C. This is full of reverbed harmonies, echoing guitar and implied waves breaking on shimmering shoegaze beaches. He's got a EP to download for free from his myspace (here's the direct link) and is looking for shows, so if you're a promoter in Chicago contact him!
This is his Facebook as well.
He only has preview edits of his songs up on YouTube but this will still give you an idea of his sound!

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