Thursday, 27 May 2010

The sounds of industry marching ever onwards. Gatekeeper, //Tense//, The Present Moment and Valis.

There's a great few bands about at the moment gaining some ground up the foothills of recognition that are sporting that 80s influenced, dark industrial electro sound, all brooding yet funky, throbbing, sexual and dancey yet filled with drone and noise!

The principle bands that are on my radar are all from the United States and I've written about most of them already so here I'll just be posting their stuff for you to listen to. Lots of it can be downloaded form their Soundcloud or Fairtilizer pages.

The Present Moment are from LA and have a CD out on Disaro. Most of their songs can be downloaded from their Soundcloud page but they're in wav format not mp3. I love the cover they've done here on the 2nd track!

Times Like This by ThePresentMoment
SEASON OF THE WITCH by ThePresentMoment

//Tense// I have already written about as well. And are pretty much my favourites of this bunch.
From Houston,Texas they have an album out on Desire Records, one pending on Disaro and are just about to play their first New York gig on the 16th June. More tracks to listen to, or buy here.
Facebook here.

Valis are from Chicago, a bit of a hub for this sound, they again are a two piece and create a sound so meaty and bass filled that it just funks the club out when you play it loud.
Awesome, un-stopable and relentless!!
Exigesis by V A L I S

The final one of these four is the longest running and maybe most well known, GATEKEEPER is also from Chicago and gets up and runs with the Industrial electro sound making horror club hits that march all over everything!
I cant find any embedable players for GATEKEEPERS stuff so YouTube vids will have to suffice.
First is from the vinyl EP available to buy from the myspace and the second is from a very recent live gig in Brooklyn!


  1. You HAVE GOT to mention WHITE CAR!!! The crowned princes to my sweaty throne!


    Much much love to you as well.

  2. Totally! As soon as I posted this I left the house and almost shouted to myself White Car! How could I have left them out! I'll have to do a piece just on them next!