Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Red Tide and Las Robertas.

Two great free albums to download for you here.

First is a self released album, that came out in October last year, by LA band Red Tide.
This is a shoegazey, post rock feel with a clean psychedelic grunge element. A Radiohead/Jeff Buckley feel. It harks back to an American 90s sound in a really progressive way. The 7 track mini album is available to download for free from the bands Bandcamp profile.
They are playing various dates around California over the next few months so go see them if you can!

The second band is Las Robertas.

A lo-fi, 60s inspired garage group from Costa Rica.
These four girls have a sound to easily rival bands like Vivian Girls, Best Coast or Girls At Dawn.
They also have made their album available for free via Bandcamp. It's ten tracks long and is entitled Cry Out Loud. They also have a blog.
Its great to find a band making amazing music from somewhere you wouldn't perhaps expect. If you were only going to download one of these two bands albums go for this one!!


  1. coolcool. downloading now! I am looking forward to hearing what a 'clean psychedelic grunge element' sounds like!

  2. its hard to describe them, they sound like someone but I cant think who, very west coast.