Friday, 18 November 2011


"I think of the days we were gods and goddesses, playing ball with planets. We were larger than dinosaurs. But now we sit like good girls and boys and watch the small tennis ball going left and right, forgetting the days when we use to play with bigger balls. What happens when we shrink even further, and become the size of cockroaches? Will we be still playing with something that echoes the time when we were larger?" *Yoko Ono

Lazerhawk produces the kind of synth pounding 80s tinged electro stompers popularized by bands such as the immortal Gatekeeper. Power keys and Italio influence at the ready Lazerhawk creates the kind of manic menace John Carpenter would have created if he'd had to direct the new Tron film but like back in 1983. An album is coming soon so keep a twitching replicant eye open for it! For similar sonic affiliates see 80s Stallone, Power Glove and White Car.

Visitors EP Demo by Lazerhawk

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