Saturday, 5 November 2011

FREE ▲NDRΛS "Ten Of Swords" single on bandcamp

Here's some next level slow an low post trance/post witch house what ever, this is really good, really really good. ANDRɅS is at least partly signed to Mater Suspiria Visions label Phantasma and to Pale Noir Records, hailing from L.A this purveyor of amazing dark and heavy Witchian rave creates epic dancefloor fogs of sound and noize good enough to get lost in for days. He's just released a single called Ten Of Swords which has accompanying remixes by Tash Willmore, spf50, Fl▲sh$i†, Nattymari and ∆AIMON amongst others.

This ten track free download is like a cathedral of sound and darkness to a dark and ever present rave somewhere out in the foothills of a phantom planet. Go download it from Bandcamp now! 

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