Wednesday, 23 November 2011

PrismViews new genre artwork.

PrismViews is an artist from Detroit creating both sound and visuals in a really awesome way, "new genre art" partly Witch House/internet art inspired but with a very definite unique and individual style. I really like this artist, the whole experience is rich and expressive, glamorously immersive and  wonderfully esoteric. 
There's music, videos, artwork and photography. Its all awesome.

HYPNOTIST from PrismViews on Vimeo.

saw you in a dream by prismviews


  1. Where is that new ? So many people are doing nothing new but calling it new. Get a grip or a clue. This is actually quite amateur on top of not being new.

  2. 4 times in 32 words you like the word NEW!

  3. not existing before, made recently.

  4. i think you have a really promising future as an artist. your colors and tones are amazing. just don't get too caught up in the aesthetic of traditionally attractive people. gets boring : )