Sunday, 6 November 2011

dont forget your spf50

spf50 makes the kind of music last year would have been branded Witch House and this year feels a lot more ambitious, there's still a lot of slowed down drag remixes and re-edits but as a body of work it's really good. 

Check out the two Soundcloud profiles here and here and download as much as you want!

ČҰßΞƦ ♃ ₩‡†ℂĦ ☀ §ƱÎƇ‡ƉΣ ♄ ʝ∆ɱƵ (a mixtape by spf5Ø) by spf5Ø mixtape #1 Class Actress - Journal of Ardency (spf5Ø drag) by spf5Ø

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